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Fayette County, KY Public Records

Fayette County public records are materials generated, utilized, and maintained by local government agencies. According to local open records regulations, these have to be open for public inspection unless it falls under the 14 exemptions provided by the state of Kentucky. Vital records such as births, deaths, marriages, and divorces are only accessible to eligible record seekers. These are close relations, spouses, legal representatives, and the person on the record. Marriage, birth, and death records may be obtained from the County Office of Vital Statistics. Divorces, though, may be attained from the County Clerk. The fees for these records may vary from $6 to $10, depending on the type or certification. Property records are also available to all requesters, provided there are no contravening legal restrictions.

Courts in Fayette County

Court Records in Fayette County, Kentucky

Any interested party can access Fayette County court records provided it is not in contravention of any legal restrictions. The county has a circuit and district court presiding over the civil, criminal, small claims, probate, and traffic courts. Typically, record seekers may go to the courthouses where the specific cases are being heard and contact the offices of the Circuit court clerk who presides over the records. The clerks charge 25 cents a page for copies of the records, which may increase to 50 cents if it is certified. There is an additional $5 fee as well for the latter option. Alternatively, requesters can view desired records online from the state-wide Court of Justice. However, some may be considered confidential, especially if they entail ongoing criminal investigations, domestic or sexual abuse, and child custody.

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Jails and Prisons in Fayette County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Fayette County, Kentucky

According to the open records laws, Fayette County inmate records are available to all requesters. The Division of Community Corrections maintains the records, which also provides an inmate locator tool. By entering the inmate’s name or booking number, it gives access to the person’s physical profile, criminal charges, sentencing information, and the detaining facility. It would require registering on the platform with a valid email address. Inmates are allowed visitation regularly though these have to be scheduled well in advance. Visitors must also follow facility regulations by providing identification, wearing the right clothes, and arriving on time. Friends and family can also deposit money to the inmate’s account via the kiosk, usually found in the jail lobby at the facility. Fayette County has five jails and prisons. It is ranked 97th out of 120 in jails per capita.

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Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Fayette County

Arrest Records in Fayette County, Kentucky

Fayette County arrest records are accessible to record seekers, except in cases of legal restrictions. These reports provide information on the person’s physical information, the arresting officer, witness statements, and the circumstances of the arrest. They are also generated by the sheriff’s office or the local police department. At times, the records are not available to requesters, mainly if they include confidential information. That is, if it involves juveniles, abuse, financial crimes, or a sensitive ongoing criminal investigation. It is also worth noting that arrest reports are not the same as criminal records considering they do not include convictions. Eligible requesters can access criminal history searches via the state police databases. The county has 13 police departments, and the crime rate is 25.24 per 1,000 residents.

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